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Reiki sessions are driven by my intuition and interpretation of the messages your body communicates about its needs. Because of their personalized nature, some sessions may or may not include guided breathing exercises; the use of crystals on, around, or near your body; my hands on or hovering over your body; essential oils applied and/or diffused; an affirmation card pull; or other elements. Of course, you are welcome to request the use or disuse of any element.



Reiki is just as powerful from a distance as it is in person. Physical proximity is not required because the Reiki connection is quantum rather than physical. A distant Reiki session may include crystals and a card pull. At our appointed time, you will find a comfortable place to lay down without distractions. I will perform Reiki from my location and contact you upon completion of the session.



With this package, you receive three separate Reiki sessions (can be either In-Person or Distant) for a discounted rate. Enjoy the benefits of Reiki energy work at whatever interval best suits your circumstances and lifestyle.

Therapy Room
Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor



To prepare your body for deep relaxation, we may do some breathing and/or light yoga asanas before getting comfortable on the yoga mat or massage table. I have pillows and blankets available for your comfort, or you are welcome to bring your own. Wear comfortable, nonrestrictive clothing.


$99 + traveling fee

Yoga Nidra makes a wonderful, unique addition to a girls' night, family reunion, birthday party, healing circle, life event ritual, red tent gathering, date night, moon circle, mother's blessing, or any gathering you want to infuse with a little more mindful self-connection. For local Utah residents, I will travel to your event for a small traveling fee, and for non-local clients I offer remote Yoga Nidra to gatherings with internet access.


$5/week or $15/month

Submit a request for me to send Distant Reiki daily to a situation, event, circumstance, pet, person (with their permission), or anything else you would like to be assisted with Reiki energy. 
I will write your name and request on a card and put it into my Reiki-infused box, with other people’s requests. Every day I will send Reiki for the highest good, or best possible outcome to the people, pets, and situations, intentions, and requests inside the box.

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