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How I Use Crystals in Reiki Sessions

Crystals can be a great addition to a Reiki session, and I use them often. But if you haven't booked a session with me yet, perhaps you'd like a little behind-the-scenes detail on how I incorporate crystals in a Reiki session.

The Crystals I Use

Here’s a peek at my little crystal corner:

I have a range of stones I keep nearby during Reiki sessions so I can incorporate them as I feel drawn to.

Methods for Incorporating Crystals

There are a few different ways to incorporate crystals in a Reiki session. Sometimes that looks like adding a crystal to each chakra on the front of your body, then your back, for most of the session. Sometimes they are placed for only a portion of the session. Sometimes only a few chakras call for crystals. Sometimes I arrange crystals (also called a crystal grid) under the treatment table and not on the client’s body. And some sessions don’t involve crystal work at all.

It Always Comes Back to Intuition

Each session with me is customized, from the tools I use, to the time spent in each hand position, to the theme or messages I feel nudged to share. No two sessions are exactly the same—even for the same client!

We are each always growing and evolving, and our circumstances and needs change. Each Reiki session delivers the experience you need at the time of your session to serve your highest good. My intuition guides my choices as I sense what your energy and your body are calling for.

Of course, you are always welcome to request that I incorporate or not incorporate any tool, like crystals, essential oils, a singing bowl, or oracle cards.

The first goal is always your comfort and support.

Crystal Reiki Maintenance

After each session I clear the energy from the room and from the tools, so each stone is ready to assist when they’re next needed.

I love using crystals in sessions, even when they stay on the shelf and simply lend their energy by being present with us. Their concrete, tactile energy amplifies our intentions.

Do you have any crystals at home? How do you use them? Have you felt a difference if we’ve used them in a session together? And of course, what questions do you have about crystals or crystal Reiki? Share below!

And if you're ready to book your crystal Reiki session with me, you can schedule a session here.


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