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Reiki Energy is Just One Ingredient for Your Highest Success

It's tempting to view Reiki as a magic bullet, a cure-all for any symptom or situation that we hope to find relief from or change in some way. And often Reiki does deliver healing in just the ways we hope. But when Reiki doesn't conform to our wishes, it may be helpful to look at what other factors are contributing.

Reiki and My Garden

This was my garden in early July: Absolutely verdant, just beginning to produce. Last July I had more zucchini than I knew what to do with, so I was looking forward to the same abundance. Look at all the promise on these vines!

Our backyard is very shady--this is the only spot with enough potential sunshine for a garden. However. We didn't prune the trees last winter and they grew a lot. My garden struggled. But I didn't want to cut back the trees during their growing season! My garden would produce a few blossoms, but would be too stunted without enough sunlight to mature. I was really, really bummed.

So I gave my garden Reiki. And it helped! I gave my garden universal life force energy and life nudged its way through poor conditions to produce beautiful, tasty vegetables. I got five zucchinis, two squashes, ten cucumbers, twenty-five tomatoes, and tons of cherry tomatoes.

That was my entire yield this summer. If you're a gardener, you probably recognize that that is a piddly amount. Usually we can't consume these high-yield veggies fast enough!

Reiki Works with Our Current Conditions

It would be nice if Reiki had resulted in a typical high-yield garden, but that's not exactly how it works. The best thing for my garden would have been Reiki AND access to enough sunlight to sustain growth.

Reiki is powerful. I don't doubt it helped my garden; I saw it happen. But the poor life conditions still existed. Reiki can't cut the trees down to give the garden light, but it can help the plants use the light it did get more efficiently and effectively.

This is a good reminder that coming to a Reiki session will give you a powerful boost, but also a good reminder that a Reiki session doesn't necessarily make all of our problems go away. We often have life conditions that we still need to get through, external factors that won't simply disappear. But Reiki can help us through those situations. Maybe our responses improve, maybe there's headway in ways we couldn't have imagined.

The thing I keep learning about Reiki is to always be open to allowing Reiki to flow in your life in ways that work for your highest good. It might look different than we hope. But Reiki is there, helping us bloom even in the shade.

If you need a Reiki boost to help you bloom in the shade, review my Services page and book a live or virtual session with me today. Let's see what surprising assistance Reiki can offer you even amidst life's challenges.

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